Casino bonus program Tivit

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Foundation date 2021
Language EN,HI,RU
Available payment instruments Paytm, UPI, MobiKwik, NetBanking, GPay, Airtel, FreeCharge, crypto, credit cards
Minimum deposit 70 INR
Minimum bet 0.01 INR
Mobile applications iOS / Android
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The promotions from the casino operator Tivit are split into multiple levels. The administration adopted the prize scheme for the players with a different budget. Each customer after registering will be able to get several benefits.

The way to get the welcome bonus

The set of prize features at Tivit Casino begins with the welcome bonus. It is a special offering for newcomers. Right after registering with the first deposit, the gambler will be able to begin playing with a bet.

On the first deposit, there is only one welcome bonus offered. This sum is 4000 rupees. The visitor receives this money to the bonus account but can use it for real bets in the slots and other games of chance. Consequently, the initial amount increases several times, there appears a financial deposit and an ability to take a reasonable risk.

In order to enable the prize features at Tivit Casino, you must fulfill a few basic conditions: 

  • Full registration. This concerns tying an account from the social network, indicating the phone, e-mail. Also, you must complete a form with personal data, which is already done after activating a personal account.
  • Age verification. At Tivit Casino each guest is asked for passport data. It is done to weed out adolescents and high school students. The passport data is attached to a single account, and therefore the player can’t make a duplicate account and reactivate the welcoming gift for the second time.
  • Deposit. Getting a bonus on your first deposit is possible from any sum. The client of the gaming institution is sufficient a few hundreds of rupees to begin to make a bet and earn money.

Giving up the starting deposit bonus is always not profitable. The user shall have at least 24 hours to make a decision. It’s worth keeping in mind that if you refuse, this present will no longer show up. Exactly the new customer of the online casino Tivit gets the best conditions. 4000 Indian rupees on the real balance is an option to play the six-zero jackpot.

Which other bonuses are accessible to newbies

Initiative clients of the club can get a lot more gifts after registering. We are talking about the Tivit casino promo code system. The coupons are distributed in various directions. Their number grows every month.

You can look for promotional codes in the following ways:

  • Through social networks. The platform does not just for a reason support the linking of Google and Steam accounts. The project actively promotes itself in many popular societies, where there are communities and themed publishers. The visitor can receive a promo code for a no deposit bonus and take a few dozens of free spins.
  • Via Telegram. Club has an official community and several partner communities. It’s not just the employees of the institution who can post the prize coupons. These can be providers that introduce promo codes with no deposit on new slots. Site Tivit Casino is actively involved in the promotion of the new gambling industry.
  • Through forums and fan communities. Casino Tivit is actively rising in the tables of independent ratings. Even though the online casino appeared only in 2021, even now about the project there are a lot of talks. Moderators of the establishment try to attract the attention of the players with gifts. Newcomers can register at the time when the series of promotions with free spins or cash for free will be announced.

The prize coupon is activated instantly. It is done through a reference or by copying a special combination of letters and numbers.

That is what vouchers are and how to work them

In the promotions department of the official website, Tivit Casino has organized a kind of lottery. The draw takes place on a principle of the Wheel of Fortune. A visitor runs a block of prize money and in a second gets one of the prizes. Interestingly, it is impossible to lose in this event.

There are various rewards at stake. This includes winnings over 1000 INR as well as minimal winnings of just a few 10-50 rupees. In either case, it will be a free addition to the actual deposit. The funds cannot be withdrawn by the casino cashier, but they are allowed to be used for slot games.

It is impossible to enter the lottery for nothing. For this purpose, the user should have an entrance ticket or voucher on hand. There are several ways to obtain these keys:

  • For the first deposit. As soon as you deposit, one voucher will appear on the account balance. The casino customer will have the chance to win real money for free in the first few minutes.
  • For further replenishments. Periodically vouchers appear in a personal cabinet to regular attendance at the site Tivit Casino. The gambler must pay at least a minimum deposit of INR 100-200.
  • Vouchers for winnings in the slots. Good luck in the slots, not just bringing the user payment in real money. An additional bonus voucher is offered by the online casino as a side prize. So the final payment can be increased by 500 rupees or more.

The lottery result is defined by a random number generator. Club customers, though, found a tip. If you accumulate a large number of coupons and start activating coupons in a row, the chance of getting to the top payouts increases significantly.

Why you should subscribe to Tivit Casino Telegram

Club representatives even before the registration recommend potential clients to make a subscription to the branded Telegram channel. Information related to the club is posted daily in this community. This news, information on new slots, as well as tournaments and specials announcements.

Virtually every post has a reference to the working mirror. Website casinos in some areas are being blocked. The alternative domains help to be in the game around a clock. Besides this, together with the link to the link to the mirror, the consumer will find a promo code.

The promotion code can include the following:

  • No deposit bonus. The prize balance falls to 1000 rupees. The client can freely spend it, and in case of real winnings to win them back in a convenient time frame.
  • New deposit bonuses. It can be a return of 25% or 100%. In either case, a client of the establishment gets a head start.
  • Free scrolls. A round of free spins is in each game emulator. In basic mechanics, club customers are invited instead to activate up to 30-50 spins at a time. Thanks to the bonus codes from Tivit online casino, you can increase the number of scrolling in 2 times.

The operator of the server is actively trying to attract new members from India. To do this, the region launches thematic tournaments. You can get the information about the developments in advance just in the Telegram channel. Practice is the guarantee of success and that the gambler will be in a position to beat the other players in the fight for the seven-figure jackpot.

Way to earn bitcoins from Tivit Casino

The online club’s prize system is versatile. There are new promotions that appear every week. The same is true for promo codes. Users can activate several coupons a day. It is done in the bottom box of the page with promotions.

The major chip of the establishment, which allowed the platform to get to the top of the rankings, was an exclusive bitcoin bonus. The institution’s administration offers every customer once an hour to get 1 Satoshi. This perk is given on a free basis and does not imply any deposit conditions.

If you want, you can choose not to do something at all. In one day, 24 Satoshi will accumulate. The main thing is to have time to gather coins in the section with descriptions of the prize features. This money is allowed to be used in real sports bets and slot machines.

With video slots, a player will be allowed to raise the starting stake by more than 1,000 times. The majority of machines from the casino showcase of Tivit refer to the models with high volatility. Wins fall out not as often, but they hit the spot and give a big multiplication.

Starting Satoshi, obtained for nothing, the gambler will be able to convert into a few bitcoins. It should also be taken into consideration that when you withdraw money from the Tivit Casino, you can also earn on the rate jumps.

Events, Tournaments, Promotions, and Prizes

There is no complete section with tournament events in Tivit Casino. Rather, the Administration proposes to participate in tournaments, which are launched exclusively in advance of big sports events and international celebrations. The announcement and a link to a tournament grid appear on the website’s main page in this case.

The competition event rules are simple. The one, who collects the maximum amount of rating points during the week, is announced as the winner. In some tournaments, it may take only three days.

The points are awarded for the amount of winning spins. So, therefore, even if you bet from 10 rupees, it is still possible to be in the top 10 at the end of the competition. Incidentally, the reward may be not only money, as well as material things. At Tivit Casino smartphones, pads, laptops are drawn.

What is the right way to use bonuses? 

The prize system is being used by the operators for two purposes. The first is that it assists in recruiting new customers. This visitor will have the opportunity to play with a stake and not spend too much. The deposit of 1,000 rupees is sufficient for almost a few days of play.

Second, bonuses give an ability to maintain the interests of regular visitors. That is partly the reason why the casino audience of Tivit regularly grows and does not fall. Daily customers of the establishment have new promotional codes with deposits, gifts and free scrolls.

The club’s customer needs to be aware of some of the pitfalls. The simultaneous activation of multiple promo codes is possible. However, in return, a user drives himself into a fairly rigid financial framework. Like in any licensed club, in Tivit Casino, any promotion has to be played according to the wager and within a certain period.

Gambling institution owner gives periods from a week to a month. In that time, it is easily worth any bonus, even with a balance of at least INR 5,000 as the prize. The wager is not too high. On average, it is up to x40 of the bonus balance. What matters is to read the terms of the bonus, prepare a budget for wagering and thus reduce the risk.