Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

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Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

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Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

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Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

The best, most practical cell phone FPS arrangement comes back with much higher force and a whole-world destroying fight for the opportunity of the United States, for at least one players.

Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed


-Fight through a 13-mission crusade from Los Angeles to Pakistan.

-Witness numerous essential minutes on account of AAA situation scripting.

-Experience various sorts of interactivity: escort, wreck, helicopter, 4x4 pursue, and so forth.

Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed


-The most profound and most instinctive FPS ongoing interaction on cell phones improved by and by, presently with a run and slide include.

-Gaze upon cutting edge GFX that consider an extraordinary rendering of situations.

-Improved SFX and voice acting will submerge you in a whole-world destroying a situation.

Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed


-Enter fights for up to 12 players in 6 selective maps and 7 distinct modes.

-Use your redid weapons to climb an addictive leaderboard with something other than positions.

Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

Gameplay of Modern Combat 3

The interactivity in Fallen Nation is like the past Modern Combat games, and furthermore like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The game's single player mode happens more than thirteen levels, in regions, for example, Hollywood, Alaska, and the Middle East. The player accept the jobs of Corporal James Walker, Master Sergeant Carter and Sergeant Anderson (one of the heroes from Black Pegasus)

Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

The game is controlled utilizing virtual catches on-screen; a virtual control stick on the left of the screen is utilized for development, while pointing is accomplished by swiping on the touchscreen.

Gyroscopic controls are included on the iPhone 4, fourth era iPod Touch and certain Android gadgets. The player can likewise hunker, toss projectiles, utilize their weapon's iron sights, reload, change weapon, get various weapons, blade foes, mantle hindrances, and shoot utilizing catches and prompts on the touchscreen.

All controls can be tweaked from the primary menu. The single-player battle additionally incorporates Quick time occasions.

Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

In the backstory to the game, psychological militants from North Korea, Pakistan and Russia have framed a coalition called the K.P.R. Partnership. Driven by General Popovich (a supporting foe from Black Pegasus), K.P.R. have announced war on the United States. In the wake of vanquishing the US resistance device, K.P.R. attacked US domain and sent a few WMDs in US urban communities.

The game starts in Los Angeles, as Corporal James Walker penetrates the NSA working with Privates Colt and Kelly so as to verify significant intel from the servers.

In the wake of battling through a couple K.P.R. work force, the three effectively complete their central goal. Be that as it may, Colt and Kelly are murdered preceding extraction, and their vehicle is devastated.

Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

After Walker gets away from the trap, he goes to the anteroom where he gets together with Captain Turner and his men.

After arriving notwithstanding, the gathering goes under substantial flame, and the structure breakdown. Notwithstanding this, Walker endures, and he and Turner can drive their way to the extraction point.

The story at that point changes to the viewpoint of Master Sergeant Carter, who is on board an AC-130 gunship.

Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

He is entrusted with giving spread flame from the skies, permitting fire-groups to devastate connects around the city. Eventually, his group succeeds, averting K.P.R. troops from moving into a new area.

During a mission to obliterate enemy of air ship batteries in Hollywood Hills, Turner is murdered in real life, and Walker is reached by Sergeant Downs (a noteworthy NPC in Black Pegasus) and enrolled into the special forces bunch "Apparition Unit".

Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

Walker and Downs are then sent determined to the Alaskan wild to find the individuals from "Razor Squad", who had gone MIA, and decide the foe's arrangement of assault.

In Alaska, they find the overcomers of Razor Squad and break on a rough terrain truck. Anderson joins the unit, and they are sent to the Yongwang, a K.P.R. warship situated in the Bering Strait.

Apparition Unit takes out Sung, the commander, and finds cutting edge stealth contenders, which they used to get away. Afterward, they invade a weapons plant in Siberia, and decimate K.P.R's. supply of weapons and arms.

Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

The group at that point heads to Pakistan to chase down Edward Page, a previous Green Beret who has joined the K.P.R. Coalition.

During the mission, Carter and Corporal Washington (the fourth individual from Phantom Unit) are injured, yet Page is effectively caught. He uncovers that General Tong, a high-positioning individual from K.P.R. is wanting to bomb America from North Korea.

Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

Apparition Unit assaults a North Korean runway, compelled to avoid Tong from starting the assault. Be that as it may, during the ambush, Walker and Anderson are caught and held detained by Tong himself. Seconds before their unceremonious execution, Anderson figures out how to escape and discharge Walker, who at that point kills Tong.

The unit is then sent to penetrate Kijang, a K.P.R. town used to store WMDs. During the strike, Popovitch figures out how to catch Downs and Walker.

The exact opposite thing they are told before they are thumped oblivious is that they have fizzled and their endeavors will demonstrate pointless as atomic rockets are to be propelled at the US.

Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

Subsequent to being bolted up, Downs and Walker figure out how to get away from their cells. Popovitch escapes, however Walker and Downs can incapacitate two of three atomic rockets.

After arriving at the third rocket notwithstanding, they find Popovitch had changed the dispatch codes. With no other decision, they plant C-4 explosives on the rocket and head after Popovich, in what appeared to be a suicide mission.

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After contacting him, the rocket detonates, executing the majority of Popovich's watchmen, and weakening Walker. Minutes after the fact, Walker stirs to discover Popovitch beating a close oblivious Downs.

Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

Notwithstanding being disoriented by the blast, Walker figures out how to push Popovitch onto a sharp pipe, and wounds him in the neck before Popovich shoots him. The game finishes up as an extraction helicopter arrives, and Downs muses, "What sort of alcohol do you think they sell here?"

After this, an epilog demonstrates the US reclaimed from the K.P.R. powers, city hinder by city square. Nonetheless, it is then uncovered that Edward Page is free, and a sound account is played in which he states, "You have no clue how far I'm willing to go."

Download Modern Combat 3 Apk Data Highly Compressed

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