PUBG Mobile Different Versions Download - All Versions List

PUBG Mobile Different Versions | PUBG Mobile All Versions List: Want to know about the list of PUBG Mobile Different Versions? (All Versions of PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile All Versions List

In this article, I'm going to share with you about Different Versions of PUBG MOBILE available in the Internet.

PUBG Mobile Different Versions

All different versions of PUBG MOBILE are:
It also has other test version or beta version.

PUBG Mobile All Versions List

PUBG Mobile Different Versions: All Versions Explained


It is the light-weight version of official PUBG for low-end mobile devices.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is authoritatively propelled! Worked with the Unreal Engine 4, this is good with more gadgets, occupies less room, and exhibits the first PUBG MOBILE survival involvement with less memory! The PUBG MOBILE LITE guide is progressively conservative and intended for 60 players to contend on a similar stage. The first PUBG MOBILE further quickens the battling musicality. The snapshot of conclusiveness is currently, in the war zone, survival is above all else!


60 players emptied into an asset rich 2 kilo meter x 2 kilo meter island, scanning for weapons, vehicles and supplies in a contracting security zone and going up against one another until the last victor is chosen. Get ready for landing and accomplish the main objective no matter what: I need to live!

2. High-Definition quality, 3D and great sound

constructed utilizing the incredible Unreal 4 motor, giving rich and nitty gritty data, sensible impacts and a wide HD guide to make an astounding strategic activity gaming background. Excellent sound and 3D sounds let you drench yourself in the searing skirmish of gunfire.

PUBG Mobile All Versions List

3. Collaboration

welcome your companions to go to the front line, through the group's voice to concur on systems, set an ideal snare, with the goal that adversaries can not be found napping. You can react to your consider when your companion needs assistance, or you can add to your army.


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It is the Chinese version of the game and same as the global version, but it have much more feature than the global version. It is also known as PUBG MOBILE TIMI version.

New guide - the preparation field

includes a guide of the preparation field , single-individual imposing business model, enters the unique war drill, challenges as far as possible, and gets ready for the following chicken!

The new vehicle - huge foot mammoth, Ronnie

two new vehicle proprietors airborne all the military, imaginative advancement of the enormous vehicle squashed the group of spectators! Another huge foot mammoth to help rough terrain battle; rony little pickup truck to enable the wilderness to eat chicken!

The new group coordinate

with the group's companions to open the dark, partake in the lord of the group rivalry, the most dominant group!

Include a new form of the Friend Watch System. The new form of the amigo can play individually, yet in addition watch companions eat chicken.

Companion framework advancement

1. Enhance the rundown of companions, presently you can set the need show

for the pal , and it is progressively helpful to give the gold coins and group . 2. Add an implied gold award to the companion which can rapidly improve the closeness with companions. degree.

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Download

Activity Optimization

1. Streamline the presentation of the cut weapon activity

2. Streamline the presentation of the vacant hand and the running of the weapon

3. Streamline the presentation of the running/running run

4. Streamline the picking activity execution

5. Improve the move/over the activity execution

6. Advance The presentation of boxing activity

7. Prior to the arrival of the parachute, include the deceleration activity

8.3P focal point execution propagation.

Weapon-related improvement

1. Improved the focal point shake impact when the gun is shot.

2. Expanded the holding time after the tossing ring.

3. Included the hold-open mode, the player can choose in the setting interface-advantageous setting. Press and hold the pointing catch to open the mirror. When it is discharged, it will close the mirror

. 4. Included the activity of sliding the screen to turn the edge of view subsequent to squeezing the open mirror.

5. Improve the accuracy shooter rifle draw back.

6. Fixed the issue that the weapons are not appropriately shown after the hardware is furnished with the mirror.

7. Enhanced the kar98k's bombarding liveliness.

8. The projectiles and guns will presently be shown on the character.

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Download


1. New model of imaginative workshop - dull night emergency:

1) Creative Workshop - Dark Night Crisis: New method of imaginative workshop, level 5 can take part, include recreation break practice components based on exemplary challenge Content, 60 members need to oppose the night zombie assault during the three days and two evenings, investigate the purposes for the exceptional preparing;

2) night emergency mode restrictive climate: three days and two evenings day and night change;

3) night emergency mode Exclusive new guns: Flame ejector - enhanced by gas chambers, making harm range targets, and creating nonstop consume harm, disposing of the opportunity of zombies;

4) Night Crisis Mode Exclusive Item 1: Bait Grenade - will be conveyed in the wake of tossing The sound draws in the zombies, and following a couple of moments, the trap projectile has a high harm to the zombies and frail effect on the exceptional powers.

5) The night emergency mode restrictive props 2: fluid nitrogen mines - will be exploded by close-by targets and immediately discharge a lot of fluid range bringing about the easing back impact of nitrogen, the impact of the exceptional powers lower;

6) select props night emergency mode: parallel magazine (rifle) - huge Rifle increment magazine limit;

2. great method of new ways:

1) the pulverization snow cavern play: snow guide covered up in a secretive cavern, the vehicle tore open the stone impacted with explosives or the gap get airdrops cavern ;

"summer fair" arrangement substance will be landed, cool battling, a late spring jamboree!

1) Classic mode restricted time play - Summer mode: Players can appreciate the cool involvement of summer surfing in this mode, go to Love Island and take an interest in novel and fascinating riddle exercises, and furthermore discover cruising yachts with rich materials and Explore the fortunes of the ocean! Summer mode is open, if it's not too much trouble focus on the official declaration, so stay tuned;

2) Creative Workshop - Teammate Recall Mode: In the rainforest map, players can get the character card of the wiped out colleagues at the predefined time, and imprint the correspondence tower set apart on the guide. Partners reviewed, reviewed colleagues can re-parachute and keep on battling next to each other with colleagues! The colleague review mode will be opened later. If it's not too much trouble focus on the official declaration, so stay tuned;

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Download

[Optimized content]

1. Great mode - experience redesign:

1) New group trade accentuation framework: widespread accentuation key capacity, partner reaction accentuation work, click weapon void space imprint work, advance imprint material outline execution;

2) sound capacity streamlining : Added very high stable quality alternative, giving more extravagant sound quality execution, open for some top of the line models, can be opened in the setting board;

3) Audio work improvement: join new form of voice segment - give better voice Experience and take care of the issue of voice jams of certain models, take care of the issue of adjusting a few models, tackle the flashback issue of certain models;

4) Optimize the sound capacity: Open the iPad Pro model to switch the cell phone when utilizing the Bluetooth headset Or Bluetooth catch two modes;

5) Open some top of the line models in the HDR HD quality utmost edge rate choice, this alternative will be open after the capacity is steady, it would be ideal if you focus on the official notice of the particular opening time;

6) Optimized Kar98K, S1897 and other single bomb stacked guns trade execution;

7) got the guide revive Kar98K, S1897 and different guns, can be straightforwardly started shooting, no longer A first draw plug or stacked;

8) Optimization open condition of the portable mirror, activity locate jitter execution;

9) side sight Optimization: Add another focusing on UI, the customary X-formed cross new UI locate Alternatively, with To recognize the primary side sights;

10) Side sights advancement: hold the fundamental sight of the gun when cutting the weapon;

11) Optimize the side sights: include the programmed get switch for the side sights;

12) Optimize the focal point control instrument: In the first and second methods of activity, when one finger of the left 50% of the screen has been controlled, the subsequent finger can never again control the focal point in the clear region of ​​the left 50% of the screen;

13) Add a flame catch, test catch in the activity setting interface The focal point control guidelines for the open catch;

14) The flying tallness of the sign firearm brought airdrop air ship is expanded from 300 meters to 500 meters, and the speed of the super airdrop is expanded from 6 meters/second to 7.15 meters/second;

15) When winning the title, the reward cake is supplanted with a late spring ice figure to carry coolness to the boss group;

16) Optimize the presentation of the preparation scene;

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Download

2. Group rivalry - experience overhaul:

1) Team sports mode elite new guns :RPG-7 rocket launcher - recharge ammo through rockets, causing reach harm after dispatch, revive at fixed time in the guide focus;

2) new props in group activities mode: section explosive, fixed time invigorate on the two sides of the guide;

3) group rivalry In the mode, the RPG-7 rocket launcher and the section explosive have no colleague harm;

4) the group rivalry mode underpins the skin show of Kar98k;

5) the weapon setup toward the start of each game consequently acquires the state toward the finish of the past game, and shouldn't be re-picked;

6) The weapon outfitted with the extension cartridge will keep up the condition of the full organizer at the underlying stage;

7) Optimize the edge impact of certain items on the guide to make the development smoother;

8) Optimize the climbing stature in the group rivalry mode High-level activity issues;

9) Eliminate the harm brought about by others on the information measurements board of the replay playback;

10) Invite companions to collaborate The ongoing tab in the interface builds the colleague record of the group rivalry;

11) the enlistment capacity of the talk channel, underpins the presentation of the group rivalry;

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Download

3. Framework improvement:

1) When there is a companion's new message, the companion will be founded on The sequential request of the messages is organized before the talk list;

2) the new entryway easy route is added to rapidly change to the predefined map;

3) when the hall foundation reward is gotten, the tab can be immediately hopped to the distribution center;

4) the hall The interface will be bound to the foundation. At the point when the foundation of the corridor is supplanted, the hall interface will change as per the foundation.

5) In the distribution center interface, the check execution of the "Anteroom Display Weapon, Hall Display Helmet" alternative is enhanced to make it progressively prominent;

6) World talk channel group enrollment message improvement: as indicated by the mode show relating message symbol and mode name, show guide name, individual name;

7) make enlistment message advancement: increment the discharge enrollment CD show, CD catch dark;

8) group When the part's season manual symbol and level are shown;

9) Mall advancement: press "+" to expand the amount when acquiring in mass;

4. Security framework advancement:

1) Upgrade security framework parts for realized security issues and Add a few viable security systems;

5. Season switch:

1) After the SS2 season is begun, the season manual will be reset to level 1, and new interactivity and welfare rewards will be propelled. If you don't mind get SS1 as quickly as time permits before the SS2 season begins. Occasional prizes, SS2 season opening time, it would be ideal if you focus on the subsequent authority declaration.

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