WWE SmackDown Game Download for Android | SmackDown Pain

WWE  SmackDown Game Free Download for Android MobileSmackDown Pain Are you looking for the best SmackDown Wrestling Game Apk for Android?

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WWE SmackDown Game Download for Android

WWE SmackDown Game Download for Android

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WWE SmackDown Game Download for Android

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All Download Links for SmackDown Game

Here is the all downloadable links you need to download to run WWE SmackDown Game on your Android Smartphone.

Important: You need to download all the four files from the links given below.

[Download WWE SmackDown]
[Download ZArchiver Pro Version]
[Download Demon PS2 Pro Emulator]
[Download Demon PS2 Bios Link]

➢Click on the links given above, (you will be redirected into a new browser tab).
➢Then scroll download the page, and click on the "Get Link" button to generate the download link.
 For more details, check this quick guide.
WWE SmackDown Game Download for Android

How to Install WWE SmackDown in Your Android Device

  • #1.Download Demon PS2 Pro Emulator and install it in your phone from the given above
  • #2.Now download Bios from the link given above.
  • #3.After that, download WWE SmackDown Game from the first link given above.
  • #4.Use the ZArchiver (ZArchiver Pro Version) application to extract the file. [Note: You can also use other file manager like ES File Explorer, both are easy to use]
  • #5.Now, move the downloaded bios folder to INTERNAL STORAGE >>then, DEMON PS2 Folder.
  • #6.Open DEMON PS2 emulator.
  • #7.Go to bios section.
  • #8.Now click on Internal Storage.
  • #9.Find DemonPS2 folder and click on it.
  • #10.Now click on bios and then select the file present inside that folder.
  • #11.After that, come back to Games section.
  • #12.Now, click on the Internal Storage.
  • #13.Find the download folder and click on it.
  • #14.Now, click on WWE SmackDown Pain and open it.
  • #15.Finally, you will find an ISO file, click on that to run WWE SmackDown Pain, the best wresting game for Android.

WWE SmackDown Pain Game for Android

Exceptional Positions of WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain

A few positions enable you to do certain things-
  • #1.Undertaker1, Enormous Show, Kane battling style 
You switch standing twofold group moves with a twofold chokeslam.
  • #2.Undertaker1 battling style: 
You can do the guillotine leg drop cover move.(get outside the ring. At the point when your rival turns out after you, whip them once again into the ring. On the off chance that you are Extremely near the ring when you whip them, their head will stand out under the ropes. Hit a bearing and circle).
  • #3.RVD position: 
You get the running seat dropkick(run and hit x when you are holding a seat or a trashcan cover).
  • #4.RVD position: 
You get a springboard leg drop cover move, done likewise route as funeral directors.
  • #5.A considerable lot of the battling positions in the game have uncommon strike selling livelinesss. the rey mysterio position has the person modify the cover subsequent to being hit, the kane position sells likewise to the kane hook. The lesnar position has you recently no sell the move. others incorporate a few of the women's positions, just as chris jerichos(pretty diverting to see). hogans position may have this, as well. 
WWE SmackDown Game Download for Android

A few moves can be turned around into specials. 

  • #1.On the off chance that you get a toe kick, and have the AngleLock as an extraordinary, press L1 when you get their foot to contort it into the Anglelock (Certain).
  • #2.Same goes for the Winged serpent Screw (in any event it did in before diversions) (Certain). 
  • #3.A similar idea applies to the Crippler Crossface (yet it is simply called Crossface in the event that I review effectively). You should get (turn around) a punch, and it will streak for you to do the Crossface (Problematic).
WWE SmackDown Pain Game Download for Android

Unique Inversions 

A few specials have unique inversion activity (no play on words proposed).
  • #1.Rock-bottom and chokeslam and Bookend: 
The liveliness begins, yet you elbow them in the head directly as you are going to be lifted up.
  • #2.Family: 
You get your arms snared, at that point you back bodydrop Triple H (or whoever) over your head.
  • #3.Angleloc- I 
It begins, and after that you kick them in the face.
  • #4.All powerbombs: 
Samurai driver (ddt from their shoulders)
  • #5.The Dividers of Jericho - when he attempts to flip you over, and his head is near you, you punch him in the face and push him with your feet.
Download WWE SmackDown Game for Android

Finisher Rewards of SmackDown Pain

Having certain finishers enables you to do certain things that you can do just with that finisher.
  • #1.Dividers of Jericho: Dividers of Jericho on stepping stool: 
At the point when the adversary is drowsy on stepping stool, press the DOWN + O button.
  • #2.Swanton Bomb: Swanton off stepping stool: 
Performed simply like the Lion Tamer/Dividers of Jericho above.
  • #3.The 619: "manual" 619: 
Get adversary inclining toward ropes either by hitting them or Mysterio Moves 2, at that point keep running at them and press the X button.

TIP: subsequent to playing out the above mentioned, keep running towards the closest rope and press x to play out his leg drop Immaculate.

Arbitrary Certainties about WWE SmackDown

  • #1.You can't get any passage clothing types you see on the Hotshots (veils, capes, towels and so forth).
  • #2.You can't get The Funeral director's "sit up" on Anybody. 
  • #3.Squeezing select during a typical label match enables you to switch individuals. 
  • #4.You can jump on the cover by running at it and squeezing square. 
  • #5.You can play Frisbee with a vehicle center by squeezing O to toss it and L2 to get it. 
  • #6.Allocate your character the ladies' toe kick, at that point spread out your rival on the table. hook them, at that point play out the toe kick, hit extraordinary and that should work 100%. One move which looks great is the Lift and Shaper. Your adversary just appears to buoy down through the table.
WWE SmackDown Game Download for Android

I hope the article on 'Download Best WWE SmackDown Pain Game for Android' will be helpful for you.

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