How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS? - Solved

How to Increase FPS in PUBG MOBILE: People often ask, "How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS?", "How to Fix PUBG MOBILE Frame Rate Drop?"
Low FPS or Fram Rate Drop = Game Lag = Death (in PUBG MOBILE)
If you are also facing the problem of low frame rate or frame drop in the game, then you are in the perfect place to solve your queries.
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS

In this article, I'm going to tell you how can you increase PUBG MOBILE FPS, even you can get 60 FPS in the game. What you have to do is just follow the methods given below.

Increasing frame rate or fps results in reducing the in-game lag.

PUBG MOBILE FPS Drop (Low Frame Rate) Problem: SOLVED


FPS is Frame Per Second.

60 fps is the ideal fps for PUBG MOBILE or any other games, however, most games are alright if their fps is somewhere in the range of 30 and 60. 30 fps is typically the benchmark for playability of PUBG MOBILE

Reasons Behind FPS Drop - Frame Rate Drop

  1. Your processor is not so powerful to run the game.
  2. Low RAM availability.
  3. Low internal storage.
  4. Others

Best Working Methods to Increase FPS in PUBG MOBILE

This tips/ tricks will not only increase the FPS but also help to reduce lag and you will give your best performance in the game .
  • #1.Enable Force GPU Rendering & Force 4X MSAA
Follow these simple steps:
    • ➡Enable developer option from your device setting. [Check: How to enable developer option] [Also Check: Developer option in Mi phones]
    • ➡Now, go to developer option.
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS?

    • ➡Enable Force GPU Rendering.
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS?
    • ➡Scroll down, and also enable Force 4X MSAA.
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS?

    • ➡Set background process limit to 2 or 3 processes.
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS?

How to Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS?
That's all.
  • #2.Turn off battery saver.
Battery saver reduces data and RAM consumption in many devices, make sure to turn off the battery saver from your device setting to get better performance during gaming.
  • #3.Use GFX tool [Most Important Step]
The most important step to unlock extreme frame rate (60 fps) in PUBG MOBILE: Use a good GFX tool to unlock 60 fps.

Here is the link to download the tool:

You can set up the PUBG MOBILE GFX tool in the following way:
    • ➨Open the downloaded tool.
    • ➨Select the game version. For the global version select GP.
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS

    • ➨Select resolution 960x540 or 1280x720 (depending on your device specs).
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS

    • ➨Select graphics: So Smooth.
How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS

    • ➨Select FPS: 60 FPS.
How to Increase PUBG MOBILE FPS

    • ➨Anti-aliasing: disable it for maximum performance.
How to Increase FPS in PUBG MOBILE

    • ➨Select style: Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft, Movie (Whatever you wish).
How to Increase FPS in PUBG MOBILE

    • ➨Leave other settings as it is.
    • ➨Click the 'accept' or 'run' button.
That's all.

  • #4.Consider using Wifi than mobile data.
You should always consider Wifi than mobile data, which significantly reduces the ping (ms) and gives your smoother performance
  • #5.Use Pinger tool to reduce ping (ms).
If you don't have Wifi connection available and you have only one option, that is, mobile data; then you should use Pinger tool to reduce the ping.
  • #6.Close all running background apps.
Make sure to close all background running applications to save RAM consume before playing the game.


I'm personally following all these methods and also using GFX tool to unlock extreme frame rate and HDR graphics for around 5, 6 months.

My game account is still safe. Even my friends are still these GFX tool without getting banned. You can also use these GFX tools and other method to get 60 fps and play the game lag free or without lag.

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How these GFX tools works?

GFX tool overwrites the Custom User.ini file with a new one. Which lets the game know that you have a high-end device and unlock higher settings. And this can't lead to ban.
Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS Frame Rate

Final Tips

If your device don't support HD or HDR graphics (before applying GFX tool), I'd recommend you to play PUBG in Smooth Graphics with Extreme or Ultra Frame Rate.

If you don't have HD/ HDR setting unlocked by default, it means your device can't handle HD/ HDR graphics properly. So, it will be a very good choice to play the game in Smooth graphics with Extreme/ Ultra frame rate. This will significantly reduce the lagging issues.

I hope the article on

"How Can I Increase My PUBG MOBILE FPS?"

will help you.

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