Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed Free Download (APK & OBB)

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Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed Free Download

Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed Free Download

An Introduction

It is an open world activity experience computer game created by Gameloft for Android and iOS (for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).

It is the fifth fundamental portion in the Gangstar arrangement, and was discharged on June 7, 2013. Gangstar Vegas is gone before by Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and is prevailing by Gangstar: New Orleans.

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Gangstar Vegas is the fifth round of the Gangstar arrangement and the fourth one to be discharged for Android and iOS phones.

The story rotates around Jason Malone, a gifted MMA contender who is focused by Frank Veliano in the wake of winning in a match.

Like diversions in the Grand Theft Auto arrangement, Gangstar Vegas has components from driving recreations and third-individual shooters, and highlights "open-world" interactivity that gives the player more power over their playing background.

Amid its discharge, it got blended audits from commentators and players alike, whom they reprimanded the laggy designs, liveliness, and its successive updates, yet adulated the music and the broad utilization of 3D illustrations, which a few players noted as an improvement of the past amusement.

It was additionally a business achievement, having been downloaded 50 million times from iOS and Android.

About the Gameplay

Gangstar Vegas is organized comparably to past diversions in the arrangement, and by augmentation, to GTA and its various clones.

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The general play zone is a lot bigger, with Gameloft promoting it as "Gangstar's biggest open world". Notwithstanding the principle storyline, players can free wander as well as share in various side exercises, to be specific bank thefts, road hustling and underground battling competitions.

Property the board is likewise present, enabling the player to pick up pay through organizations procured over the span of the diversion.

With regards to the amusement's Las Vegas topic, club minigames, for example, video poker, blackjack and opening machines were additionally presented, alongside various foundations, for example, a dance club and comfort stores.


Various updates were added to Gangstar Vegas after its underlying discharge, among them a Saints Row-esque Gangstar versus Outsiders pack, and a Christmas-themed update including new attire and vehicles, for example, a rocket-fueled sleigh.

What's more, the amusement has since been discharged as an allowed to-play title, with reward content accessible through microtransactions.

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Its continuous utilization of refreshing additionally gotten analysis from certain fans and commentators, whom they noticed the absence of weapons, vehicles, and outfits, and the slack designs part.

The amusement got blended surveys upon discharge, gaining a score of 61 out of 100 at Metacritic.
Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed Free Download

TouchArcade gave Gangstar Vegas four stars out of five out of an audit, considered the amusement an "open-finished, savage, obliteration filled fun" and commended the diversion's illustrations, however reprimanded the "hit and miss" voice acting, controls and specialized issues.

A progressively basic survey originated from Pocket Gamer, seeing the diversion as misanthropic and lamented its control plan and absence of clean, expressing where its motivations: any semblance of GTA SA and GTA VC are loaded up with energizing set pieces, intriguing characters, and fun gewgaws, Gangstar Vegas is a messy, void encounter brimming with empty peered toward exaggerations.

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Upgrades - Gangstar Vegas

Different levels of weapons are available in the game, highest upto the level 3. Each time the weapon is overhauled a dimension, it turns out to be all the more dominant, has more ammunition and so on.

Scuffle weapons gain designs, while guns are furnished with extras like extensions and silencers; in any case, these are tasteful and don't influence its exhibition, other than the previously mentioned power and magazine rewards.

For instance, a Level 1 Baseball Bat is only a caramel shading, yet when redesigned it gets a criminal logo and green and dark paint on it.

When it gets to Level 3 it has spikes on it. Redesigns should likewise be possible on vehicles, despite the fact that vehicles don't have any embellishments, just more paintjobs.

Gangstar Vegas Apk & Obb Download 

Link to download the Apk and Obb file in Highly Compressed form:
Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed Free Download

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Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed Free Download

How to Download and Install Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed?

Downloading Process:

  1. Click on the download button, to generate the download link.
  2. After that, you will be redirected into a new tab.
  3. Just scroll down th page and click on 'Get Link' button to generate the download link.
If you are facing any issue to generate the link, you can check this quick download guide.

Installing the Apk and Obb File:

  1. Open the download file and extract using ZArchiver or any other file extractor (if asking for any password then use this password: byprotech).
  2. Now, open exracted folder.
  3. Install the apk file.
  4. Copy or cut the obb folder.
  5. Go to the folder Android >> Obb >> Paste it here
That's it. You can now run your game.

Note: Downloading file from outside Google Play Store, you need to give permission of 'Unknown Sources' from phone setting. Go to your phone setting >> then go to security >> and then check in the unknown sources box.

That's all.


  • •Android Version: Android 4.0.3 or above.
  • •RAM: 1 GB Minimum.
  • •Free Space: 100 MB of free space required.
Note: You will need free space of 700 - 800 MB, if you aren't using compressed version. If you want to enjoy the real gameplay, then you should download the apk and obb file.

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Characters of Gangstar Vegas

  • •Jason
Jason "The Kid" Malone is a previous bouncer in a Vegas club, Jason was allowed the chance to prepare and turn into an expert MMA warrior by Frank Veliano, after he spared Veliano amid a battle.

Closer than at any other time to turning into a star, Frank's disloyalty comes as a hard blow for The Kid. In any case, genuine champs dependably get up, even in the most edgy circumstances.
  • •Vera Leatherface Montello
Vera Leatherface Montello is the queenpin of the Montenello family and Don Johnny Jack the Hammer Montello's widow.

She runs a man of his word's club called Fire and Vice in Las Vegas. She censures Frank for being too flushed to even consider saving Johnny on the day he kicked the bucket.

She was likewise in charge of paying off Pietro Holston to plunge on his match against Jason, making him be pursued by the Velianos.

Vera tends to go crazy when she's smashed, and she has a gathering of bourbon, tequila and different beverages at the Fire and Vice's bar.
  • •Karen Olsen
Karen Olsen is Vera's bookkeeper/protector. Her mom left Karen and her dad for an Elvis impersonator when she was three, and she was subsequently raised by her dad, who was a policeman.

Mr Olsen seeked to divulge the debasement inside the positions of LVPD, yet was slaughtered by Frank, who influenced the LVPD. Karen began cold towards Jason, yet later gets used to him, and inevitably the two of them become hopelessly enamored. Karen is an expert in guns.
  • •Eric
Eric, just known by his moniker E-Man, is a street pharmacist creator and whore guardian for the Montellos. He attempts a large portion of the medications he makes, making him high the majority of the occasions.

He has the propensity for utilizing authentic and dream terms to portray individuals and things: Vera is 'the Empress', a skater who stole his medications as a 'mythical beast', Johnny's period as 'the Roman realm' and so on.
  • •Mr. V Veliano
Frank Mr. V Veliano is the enemy of Gangstar Vegas. He began as a hoodlum before joining the Montello mafia family, which was controlled by Johnny.

One night Johnny was seriously harmed, however Frank was too flushed to even think about driving him to the medical clinic, making the boss bite the dust. Forthcoming was expelled from the Montellos and later he set up his own family.
Gangstar Vegas Highly Compressed Free Download

Through pay off, pressure and dangers, Frank controlled the majority of the organizations in Vegas, alongside its city government and the LVPD. He additionally supported Reverend Winston Goodman's mayoral race crusade, executed Karen Olsen's dad who needed to uncover LVPD's debasement, just as sustaining Jason Malone as a MMA contender.

In any case, Frank did not catch control of Vegas' media business, and this shortcoming is utilized by Jason after he subverts Frank's house.
  • •Benny
Benny is Mr. V Veliano's correct hand man. A man of muscle than of minds, Benny is additionally jumpy that Frank would one day kill him. Benny traps Jason to drop in on the Huevos' gathering while he grabs Karen Olsen.

Be that as it may, expectation and reclamation desire him when Jason spares him from both the Velianos and the LVPD, who captured him. He keeps photographs of Frank and Winston doing illicit exercises, for example, pay off and intemperance in the event that Frank tries to take him out.
  • •Winston
Winston Evangelist Goodman is a minister running for civic chairman of Las Vegas. Albeit looking perfect and peaceful all things considered, Winston has been associated with lewdness, debasement and property control.

He was supported by Frank for his crusade, yet later betrays him so as to prevent Jason from releasing his photographs.
  • •Littlez Joe 
Littlez Joe is a minor road hoodlum that just showed up in The mission "Sprinter on the run"where E-man's medications were stolen by him and requests that Jason help him.jason pursues little joe began to pursue away.jason gets him he got depleted and ceased on a rooftop he climbed.

Jason pounds him and gives E-Man's medications.
  • •Barry
Barry is Mr. V Veliano's second right hand man.he just showed up in the mission "Wearin' a wire".

Jason tails him to his motel to get data while a he is taking a prostitue in his vehicle (who is One of Vera's prostitutes) wears a wire which enables Jason to hear what Barry was saying.he touches base at his motel and Jason gets to a vintage point at the motel.

Jason kills him and his thugs once the whore left.

gangstar vegas highly compressed

Final Words

This is one of the best and most popular open world game like GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City etc. Download the game from the link given above and enjoy playing the game.

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