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GTA India Game Download: Are you looking for GTA India Game - 'Bhai The Gangster' to Download in Your Android Device (Free Made in India GTA)?

If your answer is 'yes'. Then you are in the perfect place. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can download GTA India Game, which is popularly known as 'Bhai The Gangster' and it is an Indian GTA like a free-to-play game for Android devices.

GTA India Game Download, GTA india Apk data

What is GTA India Game - 'Bhai The Gangster'

GTA India Game is actually not a game by Rockstar or own by Rockstar. It is an Indian made open world game (action) like GTA Vice City, San Andreas, GTA III, IV, V for Android, which is actually named as Bhai The Gangster. The game is free to play.

Scroll Down for Download Link of the game 'Bhai The Gangster'.

Storyline and Gameplay of 'Bhai The Gangster' - Indian GTA Game

The GTA India Game, Bhai The Gangster, is based on a unique storyline from a movie. Where the Bhai will take revenge from the murderer of his girlfriend. The name of his girlfriend's murderer is 'Kancha'.

The Bhai now chooses to be a very good person with no bad records, but once he used to be a gangster in the city. He has more number of enemies than friends.

Among all his enemies, one enemy 'Kancha', took a huge amount of money from someone to kill her girlfriend. The journey of revenge of the Bhai from his enemy 'Kancha' has started.

GTA India Game Download Link - 'Bhai The Gangster'

How to download GTA India Game -
Click on the download button below to download the game. (Google Play Store Link)
GTA India Game Download, GTA india Apk data

GTA India Game Download and Installation Process

Follow the simple steps below to download and install the game

  • Click on the download button above.
  • You will be redirected to a new tab, then scroll down and click on 'Get Link' button.
  • Now, click the 'install' button (it will ask for some permissions, just press accept) and after that, the game will start downloading.
That's all. 
Your game will start downloading and will get installed after the download process has completed. The downloading time of the game will depend on the size of the game and your internet speed.
GTA India Game Download, GTA india Apk data

Addition Details and Requirements of the Indian GTA game

All the additional details, requirements, language etc. you need to know about the game.
  • The version of the game: 1.0
  • Game size: 99 MB.
  • Required RAM: 512 MB (recommended) or more.
  • Required Android version: Android 4.2 or above.
  • Game language: Hindi
Note: The game is in the Hindi language. You can easily play this game and understand its lectures. If you don't know Hindi, then the game may be hard for you to play.

Developer: FirePackStudio
Developer's Official Website:
FirePackStudio has gone through over 7 years of designing and customizing the game for you.

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Permissions Required to Install the Game

‣Media and files
‣Storage (SD Card)
‣Network connection and access
‣Device ID and Information

GTA India Game's Main Highlights

  • All Indian characters
Every character of the game is Indian, the style of walking, the way to speak is in all Indian styles. 

  • Huge numbers of vehicles
The game, GTA India (Bhai The Gangster) has huge collections of Indian vehicles.

  • Indian two-wheeler bikes
The game has a huge collection of two-wheeler bikes available on the Indian market like KTM Duke, Glamour, Splendor, Royal Enfield etc

  • Indian trains
Indian train has likewise been put in this open-world action game. 

  • Indian environment
The game Bhai The Gangster has been designed on the Indian environment. You get to see the posters of different Bollywood movies, exciting Indian sceneries in the game.

  • Great storytime and gameplay
The game is actually based on a story of Indian Hindi movie. Where the Bhai will take revenge from the killer of his girlfriend. 

Bhai (the character of GTA India Game) once used to be a very good and honest person in the city. But the Bhai becomes a gangster after his girlfriend was killed by his enemy 'Kancha'.

  • Taxi and auto-rickshaw Missions
You will get to see Indian taxis (especially available in Mumbai and Kolkata), auto-rickshaw in the game. Even you can also earn in-game cash by driving a taxi and auto-rickshaw. 

  • Indian Trucks 
You will be able to see Indian type trucks and lorry in the game. 

  • Indian Police service
When you will do any crime in the city of GTA India, Indian Police will chase you and will kill you. If you ever played GTA games like Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV etc., then you must know about Police chase in those games.

  • Great fun
The dialogue and lectures of the game is in Bihari/ Bhojpuri style Hindi. If you know or understand quite well  Hindi, believe me, you gonna love this game.

  • Indian roads
Different types of Indian roads are available in the game starting from 'kaccha' road, 'pakka' roads, highways.

  • Easy to control
The game is easy to control, smooth to play and simple user interface. You will also able to find helicopters, planes etc. Unlike GTA Android games, you can easily control these kinds of vehicles in GTA India Game.

Check Out Some Screenshot of GTA India Game

GTA India Game Download, GTA india Apk data
GTA India Game Download, GTA india Apk data

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