Apex Legends: 15 Killer Tips and Tricks, Gameplay and Download Link

Apex Legends (Battle Royale): Apex Legends' Tips and TricksDownload Link, Overview, Gameplay, Requirements - Everything you need to know about Apex Legends.

In this article, you are going to know about - how to download Apex Legends for Xbox/ PC/ PS4/ Android, Apex Legends' Gameplay, Requirements with killer tips and tricks to win every single game and much more.

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

Apex Legends Battle Royale - An Overview

Apex Legends: A next-generation battle royale game available for Xbox, PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Android and iOS. It is a Titalfall Universe battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA (Electronic Arts). The name of the map of the game, Apex Legends, is called a Kings Canyon. It is a 1.8 km square huge map.  

The game Apex Legends is similar to the other battle royale game. You have to go, take the loot and play like other battle royale games (as for example - Pubg. Fornite etc.). But there are lots of things or features which makes the game different from the other battle royale game and make it unique. There are lots of different unique features that make the game special and unique. 

Apex Legends is free to play a battle royale game like Pubg. In this game, you can also buy royale pass like Pubg season wise. You can purchase cosmetic items too. You can also increase the level (XP) of the game like Pubg, Fornite. Unlike Pubg, the recoil system of weapons is different and much easier. You can easily able to spot an enemy in Apex Legends. 

The gameplay of Apex Legends

Apex Legends, a battle royale game with a brand new and exciting concept. The game is occurring 30 years after the occasions of Titanfall 2. Apex Legends have a pre-characterized warrior with one of a kind capacities that fall into jobs, for example, Offense, Defense, Support and Recon etc. All the 8 characters of Apex Legends are - Mirage, Bloodhound, Wraith, Caustic, Bangalore, Pathfinder, Lifeline. Gibraltar.

Players are gathered into squads of three, every player choosing a one of a kind Legend thusly, and each match includes up to 20 different squads contending. You will be dropped into the map of the by the dropship without any weapons and equipment. Every player needs to search for guns, ammo, consumables, health kits etc. to survive in the game and to be the last squad standing, all while remaining inside a consistently contracting safe zone on the map.

A player can be lowered to a weak bleed-out condition, which enables them to crawl or reach teammates only for the cover, which can revive them. If the player comes out, or an opponent uses a finisher move on them, then they are terminated, their equipment is robbed. The player can be potentially awarded if his teammate retrieves this banner and in a limited time, until a spray beacon scattered on the game map.

You can collect Apex Packs by playing games and also by leveling up the game experience. Collect Legend Tokens to unlock new characters (legends) and to level up your character or legends. Like UC (Unknown Cash) in PUBG Mobile, you can purchase Apex Coins by real money to unlock various equipment and cosmetic items in Apex Legends.

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

Top Highlights: Apex Legends

  • A List of Incredible Characters in Apex Legends
- Ace a developing list of amazing Legends, each with their very own special identity, qualities, and capacities that are anything but difficult to get, however difficult to genuinely ace.

  • Play Strategically to win Apex Legends' Battle Royale
- Utilize your capacities and your minds to make vital approaches the fly, adjusting your group's qualities to address new difficulties as the match develops.

  • Fabricate Your Team to master Apex Legends
- Pick your Legend and join their special aptitudes together with different players to frame a definitive team.

  • Next Generation Development 
- Experience a fresh out cluster of creative highlights that dimension up the Fight Royale type, including Respawn Reference points, Brilliant Comms, Savvy Stock, and an all better approach to drop into the activity with Jumpmaster arrangement.

  • Satisfying Loot 
Jump into your favorite location and capture a large group of incredible weapons. Helpful covering to ensure you in the fight, attachments etc. After you take out a team, gather an abundance of restorative items for customizing your character and weapons, and open better approaches to flaunt amid the match.

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

Main Features of Apex Legends

  • You can revive your dead teammates. 
  • No fall damage to your characters (legends).
  • Special and unique abilities for each legend or character.
  • You can play with only 3 man squad. (No solo or duo)
  • You can self revive yourself.
  • You can respawn your teammates.

15 Killer Tips and Tricks - Apex Legends

  • #Tip 1 
Shield - Always keep knockdown shield with you. There are 2 types of knockdown shields in the game - Normal Knockdown Shield and Gold Knockdown Shield

The Normal Knockdown Shield helps you to protect and save your friends when they are knocked down. Normal Knockdown Shield stops enemy bullets from damaging you and your teammates for a small extent of time. At this time you have to revive your teammate as soon as possible. 

The Gold Knockdown Shield helps you to protect and save yourself when you are knocked down by enemy bullets. Then you can self revive yourself with the help of this shield.

Both the normal and gold knockdown shields should always be with you.

  • #Tip 2
Ping System - When I try the ping system of the game Apex Legends, it worked perfectly. It is a very good feature in Apex Legends. If you have played Pubg Mobile earlier, then you know about "enemies ahead" and "I found supplies". Then developers of Apex Legends make it simpler and easier to use. 

The ping system helps you to tell your teammates about the enemy position, loot position etc. on the map. When you are not using the mic or you don't have a mic, then the ping system can help you a lot.

  • #Tip 3 
Color Coding - Always use the color code system to find the armor level of enemies when you shoot them. 

White damage effect means - level 1 armor.
Blue damage effect means - level 2 armor.
Purple damage effect means - level 3 armor.
Red damage effect means - No armor.

By utilizing the color coding system, you can find your bullet penetration and as well as the armor level of your enemies.

  • #Tip 4
Hot Zone and Supply Ship - At the time of starting of the game, you will get into a zone where you can head to the hot loot location zone. Always remember to get the Supply drop from the Supply Ship, as it contains rich amounts of loots (destructive weapons and other items).

The Hot Zone and Supply Ship are the most berserk spots to drop toward the begin of the game.

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

  • #Tip 5
Jump from any high location you want to jump, you will not get any fall damage. This feature can be a very helpful feature for you when you are trying to escape from enemies or trying to catch an enemy.

  • #Tip 6
Sliding - Like Call of Duty Blackout games, you will get the feature of sliding. When you find a sliding area, then always try to slide. This will make your movement faster than running in that kind of slope type area. Sliding is an exciting & fun feature in Apex Legends.

  • #Tip 7
Zip Lines and Wall Climb - There are lots of ropes in the game by which you can travel from one place to another. There is not any perfect wall climbing feature in the game, but you can use or utilize the ropes or zip lines to move from one place to another quickly

  • #Tip 8
Respawn your teammates - When your teammate is dead and you have enough time to take the crate card of your teammate. Then you can make a visit to the nearest spawn to respawn your teammate. You will get your teammate through the Drop Ship and he/she will not have any weapons with him/her. You should have an extra weapon for him/her. 

This can be a very risky task, as other players will know about the Drop Ship and you & your teammate can get killed by enemies.

  • #Tip 9
Holster Your Gun - If you played Pubg, then you know about this trick. Just take your guns back and you will be able to run faster than normal. You can run fast with guns, but if you need extra speed you can unequip your guns and run faster than before.

  • #Tip 10
Choose Your Character Wisely - There is a total of 8 characters in Apex Legends for now, and every character (also called a legend) comes with a special and unique ability. There cannot be 2 same characters in the same team, so choose your character wisely, because you have to use the ability of the character in the whole game.

  • #Tip 11
Red Balloons - Always use the red balloons to cover huge distances in a short period of time. Use the red balloons to fly high and then you can glide to another place quickly covering a huge distance

  • #Tip 12
Training Mode - This can be very helpful for those players who are playing the game for the first time. Apex Legends provide a training mode, where players can practice and master their skills. Training mode plays an important role in this kind of game to conquer your skills and improve your aim.

Utilizing the training mode, you will be able to know about the functions and the recoil of weapons, suitable attachment for weapons, revive and respawn techniques and much more.

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

  • #Tip 13
Gun Screen - There is a small screen in all the guns of the game, where you can know about remaining bullets or ammo available in the magazine of the gun. 

With the help of this, you can find out when the bullet of your gun is going to end. You can find out when you have to reload your weapon (even though the gun auto reloads). This can be an extremely useful feature in the intense fight. 

  • #Tip 14
Always remember, each legend moves at a similar speed. It just feels like a few characters move slower in light of the fact that they have a higher camera stature and slower arm liveliness.

  • #Tip 15
The battle in Apex Legends is about co-operation. So remain near one another, and consider how you three can handle a circumstance, instead of one.

Here is the list of top 15 killer tips and tricks for Apex Legends players. These tips and tricks can be very much helpful for beginners as well as experienced players of Apex Legends.

Characters (Legends) with Abilities and Powers- Apex Legends

There is a total of 8 (eight) characters or legends in Apex Legends. Everyone with some special, unique and powerful ability

  • #1: Apex Legends' BANGALORE Ability and Power
Bangalore is a fighter, which means she's about quite standard firearm based battle. Her latent and strategic capacities join great for quick repositioning. She really functions admirably as a battle bolster character.

Abilities  - BANGALORE

Strategic  Ability - Smoke Launcher                   

Aloof Ability - Twofold Time

Extreme Ability - Moving Thunder

  • #2: Apex Legends' BLOODHOUND Ability and Power
Bloodhound is the ideal seeker in Apex Legends. He can see enemy footprints and also can see through the walls and smoke, enabling them to sniff out and bring down foes that believe they're securely covered up.

This is an extraordinary capability to have either to checking a zone for the group or countering adversaries getting ready for a trap.

Abilities  - BLOODHOUND

Strategic  Ability - Eye of the                                               All-Father

Aloof Ability - Tracker

Extreme Ability - Beast of the Hunt

  • #3: Apex Legends' MIRAGE Ability and Power
The Mirage can get vanished for 5 seconds after he got knocked down. Highlighting an exemplary Respawn capacity in the imitation. Truth be told, three capacities all engaged around distractions - Mirage is an incredible choice for those irritating solitary wolves who need to take off meandering individually looking for brilliance. 

Mirage to be utilized as a major aspect of a flanking exertion from your squad, or as a feature of a strategic withdrawal when you're dwarfed. Mirage can create 4, 5 copies of himself to distract enemies, and even can attack them.

Abilities  - MIRAGE

Strategic  Ability - Psyche Out

Aloof Ability - Encore

Extreme Ability - Vanishing Act

  • #4: Apex Legends' CAUSTIC Ability and Power
Caustic uses gas (smoke) very much, he even uses gases to find the position of enemies and trap them. Its gas is toxic, and how much time does someone (enemies) stay inside it starts dying, until the gas finished.

Abilities  - CAUSTIC

Strategic  Ability - Nox Gas Trap

Aloof Ability - Nox Vision

Extreme Ability - Nox Gas Grenade

  • #5: Apex Legends' GIBRALTAR Ability and Power
The GIBRALTAR has the ability to give instant cover to his squad mates. He has the capacity to drench harm and flame back securely. His job is obviously engaged. He is a shield itself, and he always moves with a large shield with him. If you are surrounded by the enemies, then this will help you with his shield.

Abilities  - GIBRALTAR

Strategic  Ability - Dome of Protection

Aloof Ability - Gun Shield

Extreme Ability – Defensive                                   Bombardment                        

  • #6: Apex Legends' PATHFINDER Ability and Power
The Pathfinder is a dubious character to utilize in Apex Legends. Pathfinder will almost certainly make courses for his group to exploit territories that give them a strategic preferred standpoint against the resistance. It's Catching Snare can be a very useful option to find a better position to take out your enemies. You can utilize the Catching Snare to immediately take out any adversaries that stray excessively a long way from his squad.

Abilities  - PATHFINDER

Strategic  Ability - Grappling Hook

Aloof Ability - Insider Knowledge

Extreme Ability – Zipline Gun

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

  • #7: Apex Legends' WRAITH Ability and Power

They can know their threats already, and they can teleport themselves from one place to another. The special thing is that they can make a portal to move from one place to another in 1 second.

You can likewise utilize her power to get away in a critical situation, You can recuperate up and get ready for a commitment with your whole squad.

Abilities  - WRAITH

Strategic  Ability - Into the Void

Aloof Ability - Voices from the Void

Extreme Ability – Dimensional                                            Rift                 

  • #8: Apex Legends' LIFELINE Ability and Power

Her inactive expertise additionally enables her to securely restore the health of her squad mates. Her recuperation ability additionally enables her to concentrate on conveying weapons as opposed to mending things.

Her ability can extremely significant to keep your team alive throughout the game.

Abilities  - LIFELINE

Strategic  Ability - D.O.C. Heal Drone

Aloof Ability - Combat Medic

Extreme Ability – Care Package                    

Download Apex Legends (free-to-play) - Xbox/ PC/ PS4

You can download Apex Legends free-to-play Battle Royale game in just 1 click from the link below.

Download link of Apex Legends for PC - 

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

Download link for Apex Legends for Xbox -

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

Download link for Apex Legends for PS4 (PlayStation 4) -

apex legends download, apex legends gameplay, apex legends tips and tricks

Requirements - Apex Legends

Minimum Requirements for Apex Legends:

Operating System: Windows 7 
RAM (Random Access Memory): 6 GB 
Minimum GPU: NVIDIA GT 640 
Minimum Free Space: 22 GB

Recommended Requirements for Apex Legends:

Operating System: Windows 7 
RAM (Random Access Memory): 8 GB 
Minimum GPU: NVIDIA GT 970 
Minimum Free Space: 22 GB

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Watch a video - Apex Legends: Trailer

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