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Upcoming Games for Android in 2019: Are you searching for the best Upcoming Games for Android in 2019? You are in the right place.

 I am going to share with you about Upcoming Mobile Games in 2019 | Upcoming Android Games 2019. Pre-Register Now for Exciting Rewards, the links provided below.

Upcoming Games for Android 2019 | Upcoming Mobile Games in 2019:

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  • Upcoming Game #1: Forged Fantasy Android
It is the newest in real life RPG Action Fantasy Game. 

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Upcoming Games for Android 2019 | Forged Fantasy

Highlights of Forged Fantasy Android

- The Incredible story-based RPG action experience with ultra graphics.
- Take charge and control the fight or play Auto-mode and utilize strategies 
- Play through tremendous novel Realms and HUNDREDS of missions in CAMPAIGN MODE 
- Participate in Daily Missions, Co-operation Raids, and Gauntlet Mode. 
- Collect lots of exclusive heroes, each with their own incredible weapons and uncommon abilities.
- Craft the best blend of Heroes and enter a Realm to fight.
- Play with companions and compete worldwide progressively PvP fights. 
- Join an Alliance and collaborate for Co-operation Boss Raids and Missions.
- Win exclusive rewards after every last fight, level up your heroes and overhaul your abilities.


  • Upcoming Game #2: League of Angels - Origins
It is a next-generation 3D MMORPG endorsed by Gal Gadot, one of the best Upcoming Games for Android in 2019. The game is redefining the MMORPG experience on mobile devices.

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Upcoming Mobile Games In 2019 | League Of Angels - Origins

Highlights of League of Angels - Origins

- Outstanding Visuals: See exceptionally point by point character models, lovely 3D situations, stunning embellishments, and dazzling special effects.
- Explore the joy of the dynamic dreamland with a full 360-degree view. 
- Play in your own way: Select from three remarkable classes - Spellweaver, Centurion, or Ranger - each with their very own qualities and attributes. 
- Pick either a male or female avatar and customize your avatar as you advance through the game.  
- You can alter their (characters') flying height and speed freely.
- Battle in large scale PvP battlefields and go up against enemies from everywhere throughout the world.
- Gather with your companions and experience unhindered exciting sky battle in the skies.


  • Upcoming Game #3: Defender Z 2019
The spin-off of Defender Series is here! Various zombies are coming! Pick different weapons, hold fast, battle through the attack and demolish endless zombies as one of the few survivors! Secure urban areas and the world, be an ultimate defender

Highlights of Defender Z 2019

- 26 distinct kinds of zombies 
- Powerful weapons: Bastion, Falcon, Spear, Phantom etc.
- Research and learn assorted abilities. 
- Upgrade and improve the weapons.
- More than 60 expand adornments. 

Zombies are meandering, and the city is going to fall. Continue protecting your home in Defender Z and reclaiming the fallen city!


  • Upcoming Game #4: Dawn Break II - Light & Dark
Progress toward becoming a Hero, battle out of lights and darks in your way!
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Upcoming android games 2019 | Dawn Break II

Highlights of Dawn Break II - Light and Dark

- Master Elements to bring down incredible enemies! 3 Heroes in a fight all the while.
- Collect equipment and develop, more fined storylines and fight training. 
- 4Pv4P fight, Ultimate Boss, Hero Arena. More difficulties and honors anticipate your arrival! 
- Awake! Burst a definitive intensity of your Heroes! Appreciate the artistic designs and cinematic graphics of your smooth fights! 
- Cute Fairies go with on your way, help you in fights and can be sent to journeys.


  • Upcoming Game #5: Angry Birds Dream Blast 2019
Upcoming games for android 2019 | Angry Birds Dream Blast

These little-feathered creatures are altogether exhausted, and they're napping with heads brimming with anecdotes about the alarming piggies. Would they be able to deal with the majority of their inconveniences and get to the following naptime, or will they wake up grouchy? It's dependent upon you to pop the falling dream bubbles to comprehend huge amounts of fantastic riddles so these little ones can nap the day away!
It will be a great time killer Upcoming Games for Android in 2019.


  • Upcoming Game #6: Supremacy 1914 - The Great Strategy
Pick your most loved country during WWI and expect the most noteworthy office in your ideal realm. Balance the creation of materials, troops, and weaponry with the uncommon assets your territory has to offer. Form coalitions with your rivals, do critical economic deals or battle yourself through the first World War situation you are challenged with. This unpleasant period requests a valiant pioneer like you. Guarantee your people's survival, train them to join their faithful comrades on the front lines by walking, as mounted force or even place them into the first experimental tank. Build up your nation and gradually vanquish the world. 

Vivid Strategy – This is definitely not a game that you play once and overlook or forget; the world guide is tremendous, and the alternatives accessible are huge. Your game may continue for quite a long time. 
Supremacy 1914 appears to be entirely fascinating and will be one of your top picks in the event that you like this class. There is additionally role-playing going on which will make you feel comfortable.

Veteran grand strategy players will see their key abilities be put to use on the front lines in this colossal World War I diversion, engaging with the economy, armed forces and the regularly developing danger introduced by your adversaries. Play as Wilhelm II or change history any way you need. In Supremacy your creative ability and expertise are your solitary points of confinement! Up to 500 players can contend progressively on chronicled and anecdotal situations.

Highlights of the Great Strategy Upcoming Game - Supremacy 1914

- Up to 500 real rivals for every map. 
- Realistic separations and unit development. 
- Multiple maps and situations to play. 
- Historically exact troops and vehicles. 
- Experimental weapons and units of the time. 
- Frequent updates and new substance. 
- Forge partnerships with different players. 
- Win together in alliances.
- Play on the majority of your gadgets.

If you love strategy games, this game will be the best Upcoming Android Games in 2019 for you.


  • Upcoming Game #7: Tony Hawk's Skate Jam for Android
Pick your board and prepare for an exciting ride on different obstacles and different amazing places!

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Upcoming Games for Android 2019 | Tony Hawk's Skate Jam

Highlights of Tany Hawk's Skate Jam for Android

- Over 15 parks and awesome place to explore.
- Compete in global.


  • Upcoming Game #8: Skylanders Ring of Heroes
The all-new mobile RPG game Skylanders is finally coming. Pre-register now in google play store for exciting rewards and in-game cash.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes highlights a story where players accept the job of a Portal Master. Having really arrived in Skylands interestingly, they should follow Kaos who has disturbed existence utilizing the Book of Dark Magic. Players can change and customize their Portal Master, set out on different PvE and PvP experiences all through Skylands, and gather and raise Skylanders to fight against innumerable villains.


  • Upcoming Game #9: Wild Rescue - Animal Adventure
The safari parks have been demolished, and every one of the creatures has deserted their previous homes. Set out on a gutsy adventure into the wild to bring the creatures back. Play the exciting game, collect magic leaves as rewards and rebuild the safari parks for the animals.

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Upcoming Android Games 2019 | Animal Adventure

Highlights of Wild Rescue - Animal Adventure Android Game

- Enjoy a lot of kinds of matches and 6 energizing game modes!.
- Play different levels to procure magic leaves that can be utilized to reconstruct our energetic and changed safari parks.
- Unlock many cute animals with special identities and convincing storylines, as Liam the Lion, Gabby the Giraffe, Rudy the Rhino, and some more.
- Choose your most loved animal to speak to you in the game.
- Play restricted time missions to acquire power-ups, boosters, and prizes!
- Exciting game modes: Tortoise versus Hare, Save the Baby Penguins, Free the Parakeets, Feed the Baby Panda and many more.


  • Upcoming Game #10: Gold Miner World Tour
Are you a fanatic of gold excavator game and holding up another continuation? If yes, then Gold Miner World Tour is eventually created for you.

Highlights of Gold Miner World Tour

- 12 excellent world area, it's a visit far and wide
- 216 challenging missions, feel the gold rush experience.
- Real-time multi-playing with other players in PvP mode.
- You can join a PvP group.

- Excited achievements and leaderboard.
- You can customize your miners the way you want.


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