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There are a lot of games available in the Google Play store. But here is the list of Top 5 Latest Time Killer Android Games in 2019.

Top 5 Latest Time Killer Android Games in 2019:

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1. Endless Road

By ZhangZhu(HangZhou)Creative Culture Co., Ltd.
Category: Strategy.

A rebel like a card game that is straightforward yet fantastically perplexing: Use an assortment of hardware and expertise combos to crush the awful animals hiding along the Endless Road. 

Each crossroads will test your basic leadership capacities on this wound, vivid adventure. 


Four jobs, each with various dynamic abilities. 

Utilize many hardware, adornments, and gemstones to enhance your details and cards. 

Arbitrarily produced dimensions. 

Loads of amusement occasions and unlockables. 

Vivid designs and music supplement a wound story-line. 

With extra special care 

All you know is what's at the following forking. Will you oversee it as far as possible? 

1. Four Classes 

Pick one of four character classes, each with their very own battling qualities. 

Experiment with their one of a kind gifts and discover uncommon hardware that is custom-made to each class. You may even switch between characters on the off chance that you found a cool thing that you'd like to find in real life! 

2.Tabletop Game Map 

There are two styles and four layers of maps (with additional to be included in the blink of an eye), all in the style of tabletop pretending games. Each time you enter another guide, the substance, occasions, and battle objects are arbitrarily created. 

Investigating the guide and battling fights will deplete your quality focuses. Try not to give them a chance to drop down to zero or you'll before long experience negative impacts, so recall forgetting to eat and watch out for your injuries. 

Reestablish your lost memory and let the complex and turned plot unfurl by gathering the letters that were abandoned. 

3. Huge amounts of Rewards 

You'll heaps of concealed fortunes along your voyage, all with various amazing capacities. There's some super-uncommon ground-breaking amazing hardware, spells that reestablish your wellbeing, sustenance, traps, disguising aromas, hard money, etc. 

4. Unforgiving Battle 

The center component of the fight is easy to learn, yet difficult to ace: You'll have to figure and join cards, spells, and gifts to outperform the aggregate focuses in your adversary's hand. Notwithstanding, here and there it's savvy to protect as opposed to assault, or set snares and build up a long-lasting methodology to out-keen the foe. Your enemies may have the power, however, you have the cerebrums! 

5. Enhance Your Skills 

Depending in the event that you crush a supervisor or be vanquished, you will be taken to one of two kinds of interface: When you overcome a manager, you won't have the capacity to switch classes or modes, however, you can purchase gear to supplant the current one. When you kick the bucket after a fight, you can switch classes or modes however you won't have the capacity to enhance your abilities. 

6. Open Achievements 

There's a ton of accomplishments to be opened and different game modes and troubles that ensure great late-organize difficulties and high replayability over everything. Future updates will additionally grow the gaming background. 

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2Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors [Visual Novel]

By Entabridge Co., Ltd.
Category: Adventure

It's a totally extraordinary Visual Novel, made particularly for cell phone clients! 

It's volume 3 of the exceptionally prominent arrangement! Full-length talk stories style intuitive story game. 

We suggest this amusement for the individuals who…... 

・like Visual Novel, yet become weary of playing simply ordinary ones 

・love awfulness 

・want to be moved 

・love light books, Manga, Anime 

・love intelligent story amusements and visit fiction 

・want to kill time 

・want to play for nothing 

The decision you make drives the distance to the completion of the amusement! It's a "different decision repulsiveness Visual Novel"! 

It's totally allowed to play in excess of a two-hour situation in the game! 

It's anything but difficult to peruse with fewer promotions 

It demonstrates a rundown of all endings and enables you to jump to each area!

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3. AntVentor

By LoopyMood
Category: Adventure

Have you at any point pondered what the world would look like on the off chance that you were the size of an ant? 

AntVentor is the main short part of the AntTrilogy arrangement around a subterranean insect and his irregular experiences in a sensible macroworld. 

The primary character is a designer subterranean insect. Regardless of his little size, he has a major dream. 

He carried on with basic life, until the point that you appeared, broke his system and destroyed his designs. 

Presently you need to take the necessary steps to help Florantine come back to his life, as well as satisfy his since quite a while ago loved dream - to see the world. 

Together you will beat challenges and have numerous experiences, which are simply starting in this first part. 

Would you like to: 

- Feel what it resembles to be the extent of a subterranean insect? 

- Plunge into an extraordinary and shockingly photograph reasonable macroworld? 

- Shamelessly interrupt into the life of the fundamental character? 

- Meet Florantine: an interesting, yet somewhat egotistical designer insect? 

- Laugh at the game's numerous entertaining minutes? 

- Meet frightening and adorable, enormous and modest occupants of the macroworld? 

- Enjoy conscientiously created liveliness, comprising of in excess of 15,000 edges? 

- Appreciate the nonappearance of dull riddles, more often than not made only to take up your time? 

- Skip the long exchanges, just in light of the fact that they don't exist in the amusement? 

- Listen to unique climatic bass music? 

- Be interested in the basic, however, an exceptionally energizing story with a contort finishing? 

In the event that no less than one of your answers is "yes", this game is for you!

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4.  OK Golf

By Playdigious
Category: Sports

OK Golf is the substance of golf, refined to a tee. Play a brisk round anyplace, whenever on slick dioramas motivated by exemplary hitting the fairway goals. Simple to play, hard to put down, ideal for all ages and debilitates! 


Simply point, drag and discharge to shoot the ball. No clubs, just you and the ball. 


Enlivened by excellent and notable areas, each course is a high quality smaller than a usual diorama. 


Appreciate a snapshot of zen while you play a series of golf drenched in the quieting hints of nature. 


Open new courses and mystery territories and test yourself with various amusement modes. 


Contend online with golfers everywhere throughout the world and face your neighborhood companions with the Pass and Play multiplayer include. 

You will appreciate the time you go through with the game.
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5. Tiny Bubbles

By Pine Street Codeworks
Category: PuzzleBrain Games

Victor of over twelve gaming grants. Play with squishy groups of cleanser bubbles in this hypnotizing new riddle game. Blow up, blend, match, pop, and win with several objectives to finish. Give your cerebrum an exercise: begins simple, at that point gets increasingly difficult. 

Imaginative NEW GAMEPLAY 

Fill bubbles with brilliant air and push adjacent bubbles around utilizing the material science of genuine air pockets! Break edges between bubbles to blend new hues and make matches of at least 4. Plan your technique from a rundown of moves to develop falling chain responses for stunning rewards. 


Experience one of a kind shocks down each way! Each of the more than 170 carefully assembled riddles requires new reasoning and winding procedures with consistently expanding difficulties. Play in 3 diverse amusement modes: PUZZLES, ARCADE, and INFINITY. Attempt to beat 35 bubbly accomplishments that will test your dominance. 


From the vision of craftsman/coder/creator Stu Denman and roused by crafted by his MIT researcher granddad, the game conveys the magnificence of nature to your screen. Extraordinarily liquid "atomic elements motor" enlivens several bubbles at 60 FPS. 


Loosening up encompassing music nimbly incorporates with the wonderful hints of popping bubbles. Put on a couple of earphones and experience another dimension of stream and care. Play Infinity mode to acquire accommodating indications for when you stall out. 

Enchanting CREATURES 

Help small oceanic animals that are caught in the air pockets. Stay away from avaricious jam crabs and spiky urchins. Adore him or detest him, an inquisitive fish named Bloop will most likely uncover your tendency as a positive thinker or a cynic. 

Visually challenged MODE 

Highlighting an inventive visually challenged mode that gives a credible and available game encounter without nosy symbols or examples. 

It is outstanding amongst other sessions of the year 2019. I exceedingly prescribe you to download and play the game. It is extremely wonderful as far as I can tell.
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Here was the list of top 5 latest android games which are available in google play store in 2019

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